God, I hate spambots...

Fine, I give up, they win. I had swore up and down to always use mailto: links on my pages, as the web was designed. Unfortunately this meant that the address posted would be spammed to hell and back by helpful people trying to make me rich in my spare time. (Among other things...)

But, I give up. The level of spam has gotten too high. The addresses given are hit at least one hundred times a day. The mailto: link is gone. In it's place, this:

To send me mail, just write to the address contained in the image above. I know it's a pain, sorry. (And if you use Links or Lynx and can't see the above, you're probably smart enough to send encrypted/digitally signed mail. See below...)

Alternatively, I accept (and encourage) people to send PGP/GPG mail. My public key is available and it also contains my email address. If you know what this is, use this first!

In conclusion:

  1. Never buy from spammers
  2. If you know someone who buys from spammers, kill them.

-- Adam

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